October 2, 2015

With there being as many styles and types of tyres as there are, choosing the right ones for your car can seem an overwhelming and daunting experience. Team Auto Centre can make choosing tyres a hassle-free experience. Here we explain the main types of tyres and their use:


Designed for grip and driving performance rather than longevity, Performance tyres typically use softer rubber compounds, have a wider than a usual tyre and often used on larger rim size wheels.


Especially designed for driving in wet conditions, Wet-weather tyres have a tread pattern which is deeper to keep more water away from the tyre. Made with a rubber compound which is even softer than those of Performance tyres, Wet-weather tyres heat up more quickly to provide more grip on the road.


The tread pattern of Snow tyres is much larger than with normal tyres, is much noisier but is designed for roads with regular snow and ice. Snow tyres should only be used in snow and ice as they wear very quickly on dry roads and can also cause damage to the dry road surface.


Used primarily on 4WD vehicles, All-terrain tyres are designed for handling a wide range of on-road and off-road conditions. They have stiffer sidewalls and large tread patterns and may be soft off-road or off-road types.


Found on most cars and designed to handle most weather and road conditions that motorists will encounter, All-round tyres have either a rib or block tyre pattern.

To get advice on which tyre style is best suited to your car, speak to the team at Team Auto Centre.