October 2, 2015

A warrant of Fitness is a government measure to make sure all vehicles on New Zealand roads are up to certain safety levels. It is the owners responsibility to ensure than their vehicle is properly maintained and is roadworthy. A Warrant of Fitness needs to be carried out periodically, although how often depends on the age of your car. If your car is over 14 years old, then it needs a WoF every 6 months. Any cars registered after Jan 1st 2000 and it’s every 12 months. Any new car won’t require a WOF until the 3rd anniversary of their first registration.  You Warrant of Fitness only kicks in once the car has been passed, so if it fails, then you’re without one until you get it up to standard.

What if I fail my Warrant of Fitness?

 If your car fails its WoF, then quite simply, you’re not allowed to have it on the roads. The only time you’re allowed to drive it is when you’re bringing it to a mechanic to get inspected or fixed. If it fails the Warrant of Fitness, and you fix all the problems within 28 days of the inspection, then you can go back to the same WoF agent for no extra charge. If you wait longer than the 28 days, then you need to start all over again with a new inspection and pay the appropriate fee again.

 Do I really need a Warrant of Fitness?

Yes! Remember, your Warrant of Fitness is compulsory. It’s a legal requirement that all vehicle must have in order to drive on New Zealand’s road. You, your family and other road users safety is paramount.